Developing the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)

for the Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform (FTP)

This website supports the development of the strategic research agenda (SRA) of the Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform (FTP) (, in accordance with the Vision 2030 (Vision Document).

The following participants take part in the development of the Finnish SRA as a part of the European process:  

1.    Steering Group consists of the coordinators of national value chain working groups and selected key persons.

2.  The co-ordinators of national value chain working groups (i) identify and invite respondents and evaluators and (ii) promote SRA development activities within their value chains.

3.    Respondents are established researchers or research managers at universities, research institutes and firms. They study the Vision 2030 Document and suggest research themes.

4.     Referees are highly competent researchers and industrials who assess research themes with regard to the SRA assessment criteria.

5.  TKK Group at Systems Analysis Laboratory ( provides the IT infrastructure for this 'bottom-up' solicitation, assessment and synthesis of research themes

The schedule of the process is as follows:  





1. Identification of stakeholders

Steering Group

Contact information on respondents and evaluators


2. Solicitation of research themes


About 60-80 research themes per value chain

27/04 8/05

Top-down shaping of national themes

Steering Group

Initial top-down shaping of national themes for the SRA


3. Assessment of research themes


Multicriteria positioning of research themes, verbal comments


4. Synthesis of results


Shortlist of best aligned themes


5. Value Chain (VC) Workshops

VC Working Groups

Tentative selection of  themes


 6. SRA Workshop

Steering Group

Elaboration of national themes and action plans for the SRA


There is a separate questionnaire for each value chain working group. Thus, if you have been specifically invited by the coordinator, please choose your value chain and follow its link below. The questionnaires are open to invited respondents only.

After the closure of Phase 2, the coordinators of each value chain working group will request selected referees to participate in Phase 3 (Assesment of research themes).

If you are among the invited referees for Phase 3, please choose your value chain and follow its link below.

Analysis is now made. See RPM-website and powerpoint slides for details


Pulp and paper products

Wood products


Specialties/New businesses

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